Garage Door Remote

Everyone know’s what you are talking about when someones ask’s what a garage door remote is. This device is a hand-held electronic device that allows you to open, and close your garage door from a distance. Most people keep these remotes in their vehicles, so that when they pull up to there home, they can press the button, and open the garage door and then drive right inside with ease.

To explain what exactly a garage door remote is, im going to give you a little bit of information on this small device. Just like other modern technology the garage door remote is considered keyless-entry, just like on some key rings where you can find the remote entry devices for vehicles as well. Not only do the vehicles have keyless-entry but also you can sometimes control the alarm as well on a vehicle from the exact same device.

The garage door remote acts as a radio transmitter, which sends a signal to the garage door receiver and then tells the receiver to begin to open the garage door. The receiver is usually placed underneath the ceiling of the garage in which it can get the best signal possible from the transmitter.

When garage door companies first started to come out with the garage door remotes it was not uncommon for you to use your remote and open up your neighbors garage. Nowadays though with more modern technology there are more secure ways for the garage door remote to work.

Now the remotes all have different frequencies in which they work so that each one is tuned into just your personal garage door. When a professional comes out to install the garage door system he also programs the remote to that specific frequency in which your door will have. This insures that your remote will only open your personal garage door and does not pose a security threat for other home owners.