Genie Garage Door Parts

The Genie company was founded back in 1923, and in the earlier days of the companies start it was known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company, in which the company would produce products for America during the war. The company produced things like fuse caps, and voltage regulators for America during these hard times. In May of 1954 the Alliance Manufacturing Company produced its own garage door opener, the Genie was the first mass produced garage door opener.

Over the years the Genie garage door product became the leading innovation in reliable service, safety, and also the best product on the market at that time. In the years following the orginal introduction of the Genie garage door opener, the company then came out with another line of openers which was called the screw drive opener. After the screw drive open came the split rail system and allowed the company to proper even more in the industry.

This was just a little history about the Genie garage door company letting you know what the company once was and what it has came to be today. Genie sells all different kinds of garage door parts and is still the number one leader in garage door opener sales, and still is number one is quality and reliable service to customers.

If your looking to find Genie garage door parts for your home then all you have to do is go online to there website, and use there locator to find a retail store near you. Or if you would like you could also purchase products online, and have them delivered right to your home door. Whichever way is better for you because you cannot go wrong with using the Genie garage door company for all your garage door needs.